Our Equipment

We have the following equipment in our shop to serve you:

American Pacemaker 20×96 Engine type lathe w/ imperial threading. Maximum turning diameter of 24″

Haas VF-6 Vertical CNC Machining center. 64″ wide by 32″ deep table, up to 24″ under spindle.

Norton U4 Cylindrical grinder. Up to 12″ diameter and 36″ between centers. Tilting table will grind tapers.

Vertical Knee manual mill

Kwik-Way 797 Flywheel grinder. Handles flywheels up to 24″ diameter

Small G&L Horizontal Boring mill. 24″ by 48″ table.

3HP Radial arm drill press.

Magnetic drill press for frame drilling/large sheet drilling

Eutectic Castolin TeroDyn 2000 spray welding system. Lets us rebuild shafts with no heat warpage or effect to temper/hardness.

Standard MIG and Tig welding equipment.

Wotan Rapid 1 CNC horizontal boring mill. 72″ of X, 60″ of Y, and 36″ of Z plus 24″ of quill extension. 360 degree rotary table. This is one of the largest CNC HBM’s in a job shop in the area.